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A former atheist, once unshakably of the opinion that those who follow any religion must be deluded, suddenly finds himself praying like a man possessed to that far-away old codger in the sky that many call ‘God’.

GIVEN - A Very Personal Apocalypse is a day-by-day diary written during a period of emotional and spiritual turmoil. During this time the narrator finds himself doubting his sanity, reliving key traumas in his life, suffering personal loss, experiencing dreams and visions of future events, and coming face-to-face with something truly terrifying.

Raw and uncompromisingly frank, this is the story of a metaphysical journey through an allegorical hell as the diary’s embittered author becomes evermore convinced that God and the Devil have been vying for his soul throughout his benighted life.

It’s a ferocious, bold, urgent and unapologetically forthright work told from the single fixed-perspective of a narrator who barely leaves his room. There’s a sense of helplessness throughout the story, like being in the eye of a storm; the narrator has little option but to hide away in his bolt-hole and pray while everything about him is torn to pieces by (perhaps supernatural) forces beyond his control.

This book will challenge you as it spins its intricate web, particularly if you identify with any aspect of the narrator’s circumstances (and I’m sure most people will). The story’s conclusion, once you’ve weathered the storm, is euphoric.”

– Oliver,

Advisory: Being autobiographical fiction, and thus based on a true story, this novel contains adult themes and language. Reader discretion is advised.

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"Inhuman. Ahhh, of course… Not her; me.

     Perhaps her behaviour towards me, as she killed our relationship stone dead, was nothing more than entirely appropriate after all; why treat a person any better than how they feel they should be treated? Perhaps my internal has seeped through my outer shell and become my external. Perhaps Beatrice decided to waste no more time or effort fruitlessly nurturing a crushed spirit who had spent most of his life believing himself to be utterly inconsequential and less than human. Perhaps I gave Beatrice no choice but to treat me as if I were subhuman garbage to be disposed of; better to abandon the rabid dog on the motorway without so much as a consolatory pat–on–the–head than risk infection.

     Well, screw it; if that’s the way it’s got to be then I’ll froth at the mouth and bark ferociously in solitary and futile protestation as the juggernauts thunder by. Isn’t that how it’s always been, anyway?”

Text from GIVEN - A Very Personal Apocalypse by Morris-Henshaw. Kindle Edition.

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