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Thanks for following; I'll try to grab the kindle copy of your book sometime to check it out - although I confess I have several already to read and mainly read online instead of books - But sounds interesting and you have done a great job with the hints here and the youtube peaking interest.. Hope things are going well for you.. I pray God Blesses you, not just "in general" as some say, but blesses you so that you can spend your time and talents furthering God's will / God's Kingdom on Earth

Thank you for your kind words, and thank you also for maintaining such a great Tumblr blog yourself.

I’m not on Tumblr to explicitly publicise/promote/flog my book – there are plenty of other places online to do that – but I’ll mention it from time to time because it’s been such a large part of my life this past year, and still is. And, yes, like you I have an ever-growing backlog of “books-I-must-read-soon” - I’ve had to swear off buying any more for a month-or-two at least!

I’m heartened and blessed by your interest in my novel; It’s my testimony of how The Holy Spirit can transform even the most embittered, entrenched, misanthropic and atheistic man, and I wish I could just give the work away to all and any who are interested (particularly to open-minded non-theists and seeking secularists) but, like most other people, I have a livelihood to make and rent to pay.


   (just between you and me… and whoever else reads this post)

     …I hope to make the Kindle version available for free for a limited time when the softcover/paperback version is released.

     I pray that Our Heavenly Father continues to bless you and all the outstanding work you do in His name, here on Tumblr and beyond.